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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:35 am

Welcome to the site!

Welcome, and thanks for joining. I'm Mason, and I look forward to RPing with all of you! Before you jump into the RPing, though, there are some rules that need to be followed.

  • 1. Obey the staff of the site
  • 2. Be nice and respectful to the site and other members
  • 3. RP fairly (no god-mode or over-powered characters, or perfect characters)
  • 4. Don't powerplay (take control of other people' characters) without permission
  • 5. Try to keep the site PG-13 and below; no sexually explicit content
  • 6. No gambling or use of real money or bribery
  • 7. Hell, ass, damn, and shit are allowed uncensored; please use other words in moderation and with censoring. Do not use these words in the a degrading way towards other members.
  • 8. If you think it's not right, don't do it, or at the very least ask permission
  • 9. You can advertise other Forumotion sites through our site; however, be aware we have the right to advertise on your site then. If your site has a policy for no advertising, then it will be removed from our advertising section.
  • 10. Try to refrain from using more touchy words in a negative fashion (ex: don't say "this is cancer")
  • 11. Try to be realistic within your RPing
  • 12. Don't double post or spam
  • 13. Don't purposely annoy or bother any administrators, moderators, or members of the site in general
  • 14. Most importantly, have fun!

Note: a rule may be added at any time if we feel the need to add it
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The Rules
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