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PostSubject: Triblast   Triblast Icon_minitimeSun Jul 23, 2017 2:43 am

Triblast Corbin-bleu-profilepic
Name: Rhyna Aries
Alias/Hero/Villian Name: Triblast
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Hetero

Place of Birth: NYC, NY
Current Residency: NYC, NY
Description (hair color, eye color, height, etc.): Milk chocolate skin, tall (6'5"), muscular, brown eyes(red when using fire, light blue when using ice, and yellow when using lighting), black and long curly hair, small beard.

Personality: Determined, intelligent, patient, powerful, friendly,
Talents: Combat, swordplay, acrobatics, strategy.
Flaws (at least three): Protective, Cocky, fear of death, impulsive.
Arsenal (suit, vehicles, weapons, etc.):

Rhyolo owns Bullet proof clothes he wears all the time. The clothes were made by Stark industries to protect heroes when in civilian form but Rhyolo wears them even in battle due to the durability. The on thing that protects his true identity from the general public is a mask he wears.

Pyrokinesis: is able to control and create fire.
Cryokinesis: is able to control and create ice.
Electrokinesis: Is able to control and create lighting and electricity.
Abilities: Super-strength, superhumanly acrobatic/quick
How they got their powers (born with it, experiment, etc.): His abilities he was born with, while his powers he taught himself after finding an alien crystal(mutated by the Infinity stones) and absorbing the powers after contact..

History: Roman was born with his twin, Rhyolo, on a winter day in 1998. He lived, as a baby, with his parents, until they were killed he was two. He and his brother were taken custody by their much older brother, Xavier, who was 20 at the time. Rhyolo and his brother Roman, by Xavier, throughout his childhood. At age 15, Rhyolo ha gained his power and  was becoming extremely powerful and. Xavier was favoring him and neglecting Roman. After years of this going on, at age 17, Roman snapped. Roman would then kill Xavier, and run away from home. Rhyolo, struck with grief and anger, sought out his twin to avenge their older brother. Rhyolo, shortly thereafter found him, which caused a fight between the two, ending in Roman losing a leg, but being able to teleport away. From that Moment forward Rhyolo swore to find his twin and make him pay.
Notes: Twin brother of Mason's's Roman

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PostSubject: Re: Triblast   Triblast Icon_minitimeSun Jul 23, 2017 2:47 am


Peter Parker (Spiderman)~Canon
Jason Sungo, Human (Magician)~18
Jake Sparrow, Human (Shapeshifter)~17 [Twin brother of Claire Sparrow]
Roman Aries (Darkmag), Human~18
Finn Reddy, Human (Superspeed)~17
Keith Noble, Human (Super strength, flying, healing factor, laser eyes)~18
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