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 First Character

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PostSubject: First Character    First Character  Icon_minitimeMon Jul 24, 2017 7:54 am

First Character  I_ZOMBIE_305_013

Name: Elizabeth "Liz" Dorson
Alias/Hero/Villian Name: None yet, she's still figuring that one out
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Mutated human
Sexuality: Pansexual

Place of Birth: New York
Current Residency: Unknown
Description (hair color, eye color, height, etc.): Liz is only 4.8 feet tall, really fair skinned, with white hair and crystal blue eyes due to her disease. Faceclaim is Olivia Moore from iZombie

Personality: Rebelious, social outcast, sassy and witty but also headstrong and independant, sometimes still very childish and naive. Additionally, she's very absent minded and gets easily distracted.
Talents: Her mother had insisted on Liz taking ballet classes so she is a skilled balarina. She is also partly familiar with martial arts since she took classes for a few years.
Flaws (at least three): Too stubborn to accept any help, low self-esteem, huge trust issues and also the accelarated aging process
Arsenal (suit, vehicles, weapons, etc.): None

Powers: Super speed
Abilities: Her fast metabolism makes her immune to all poisons (and also alchool), she can use her velocity to generate heat or wind, can control her voice and change it to different frequences and even ultrasound, just as she can hear a variety of frequences, from bats to dolphins.
How they got their powers (born with it, experiment, etc.): Born with it although it's possible her mother underwent some experiements while she was pregnant.

History: So, here's the thing: Liz was born with super speed, in all aspects of her life. Something that is both a blessing and a curse. She may look normal, but her health is deteriorating by the minute, her body unable to withstand her accelerated aging progress. She is incredibly small (barely 4'8''), her hair is white and her skin is pale exactly because of that, of her body malfunctioning in order to keep up. That though was hidden from her for most of her young years, as her parents let her believe her super speed was a gift. And it was - she could run fast, write fast, think fast, even talk fast (and even though she makes a conscious effort to control that, her speech is still a bit faster than most). But it all came to an abrupt end once her brother disappeared - her best friend, her idol. She was lost and the fact that her parents seemed okay with it threw her off the most. They told her he had died on some accident but she never believed them, their calm demeanor making her suspicious. They were always cold towards their children but they didn't seem the least bit affected. That was a turning point; from spoiled sweetheart she changed into outcast rebel. Her suspicions begun to seem more like reality when one day she overheard her mother talking to a doctor about her "condition". She distanced herself even more from them and set out to find what had happened to her brother on her own - as well as a cure to her disease. She run away a few days after her 16th birthday and she's been on the run ever since, searching for clues about her missing brother and any mention of a similar case documented before. Sometimes she takes care of low criminals like thiefs and burglers when the guilt of being uncapable to help her brother with whatever happened becomes too much to handle but she is also known to oppose a few heroes here and there so it's not yet decided whether she is a hero or a villain.
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First Character
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